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Our Process

If we only address your finances, we fail to serve you completely. That is what makes our financial planning process stand out from the rest.

Our first step to inspired financial planning is to get to know you and really understand all of what makes you who you are. Tell us about your dreams, your passions. What drives you? Where do you envision yourself in the future? What would you like to accomplish? We want you to understand and feel comfortable with every aspect of your plan. Don’t hold back, because we are ready to empower you to imagine your best life.

Sometimes we are averse to investing simply because we don’t feel they have the knowledge required to do it wisely. We want to empower you to make smart decisions that match your individual goals. Part of the investment process is education. We help you understand how investing works to help you feel in control of your financial future. It’s a great opportunity to get informed and learn with hands-on experience. When you work with PareShah Partners for all your investing needs, we take the following steps: 

First we educate you about the basics of investing. What questions do you have? Even simple requests such as explaining the definition of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is something we can help with. Every question you have is important. Improve your investment knowledge and replace fear with confidence.

We allow you to take your time to research and encourage you to learn more about investing. While we will come alongside you and make recommendations, ultimately you are in the driver’s seat.

Lastly, you start investing and stay the course. The real benefits of investing come years down the road. Get started once you feel confident about your options and stick with your plan. It’s important to be patient during this stage.

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