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Our Team

Paresh B. Shah

Managing Principal

(516) 268-3446 ext 502

(516) 274-3790

Paresh Shah is a Wealth Strategist for the past 25 years helping individuals and businesses across the US to co-create...

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Manmohan "Billy" Singh

Sr. Managing Principal


(516) 679-2230

Manmohan "Billy" Singh Sr. Managing Partner at PareShah Partners, Hicksville, New York. Billy Singh came into the financial services business in June 1980. He has built his practice in creating Pensions & Profit Sharing Plans, Annuities,...

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Tom Homestead

Vice President

5162683446 ext 505

(516) 274-3790

Tom graduated from James Madison University in 2006 with a BS degree in Quantitative Finance. The combination of mathematics and economics prepared him to look at challenges from multiple angles to find a solution.

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Kathy E. Deas

Vice Principal, Operations

(516) 268-3446 ext 501

(516) 274-3790

Kathy E. Deas is the Vice Principal of Operations for PareShah Partners, Hicksville, New York. Kathy began her career at MetLife where she held many positions. Her most recent was that of Agency Compliance Manager. In that position she...

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Shimul Shah

Vice Principal, Marketing

(516) 268-3446 ext 504

(516) 274-3790

Shimul has been with Paresh Shah for the past 23 years.Her diverse background in art, teaching and administration brings unique value to PareShah Partners.

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Jolie Rosa

Administrative Assistant


(516) 274-3790

As an administrative assistant at PareShah Partners, Jolie provides office support. She maintains an organized work environment and uses her office and interpersonal skills to help the team's functions run smoothly. She is fluent in...

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