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Term life Insurance: secure your family's financial future

How do you plan to protect your family in the event of death or facing a diagnosis of a terminal illness? Term life insurance is a sure way to keep your family financially secure. Simple and affordable, this life insurance product offers many options depending on your needs and your budget.

The benefits of Term Life Insurance

Discover the benefits of purchasing term life insurance.


Term life insurance allows you to choose coverage between 1 and 40 years, depending on your needs. It always constitutes relevant protection at all times.


With term life insurance, you get additional protection, which is often automatically renewable (with an upward premium increase).


Term life insurance premium amounts are an inexpensive way to protect your family, as they are usually very competitive.


Term life insurance allows you to convert your policy into permanent, universal life insurance until the age of 71.


Unlike mortgage life insurance purchased through a bank, the term life insurance plan will pay your beneficiary the full amount of insurance initially provided.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is cost-effective protection that protects you for a limited time. Affordable and often automatically renewable, with an upward increase in the premium, term life insurance is relevant for everyone, at any time, whether as initial insurance or as additional protection for a key period of your life. life.

A little more about term life insurance

If you die while your term life insurance is in effect, the insurance company associated with your policy will pay a benefit to the beneficiary of your choice in the form of a tax deductible. Your beneficiary therefore receives the full amount agreed. Term life insurance is a useful way to have cash on hand to cover funeral expenses, mortgage payments, debts, and other living expenses in the event of death.

Ready to invest in term life insurance?